Revenue growth: Ten rules for success

In the case of mergers, the integration of new employees and systems is usually a challenge, while acquisitions typically require an implementation of new technology to the acquired company. On the contrary, inorganic growth is the acquired growth hailed from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or the takeover of another company. Merging and acquiring other companies to foster business has been in place for ages as it immunes a company with a quick booster shot. The process includes expanding your wings—opening new outlets or branches or merging with other companies and joint ventures.

  • In addition, its sales growth has been achieved by taking on higher risk, while ABC was able to grow organically, making no acquisitions and maintaining a healthy balance sheets without taking additional debt.
  • For instance, educational businesses provide subscription services to academic websites that provide students with enrichment activities.
  • This term is primarily used for publicly-traded companies whose performance can be tracked on the stock market.
  • Companies would normally split their organic and inorganic figures when reporting results.

The Tax & Accounting Professionals segment is the company’s most seasonal business with approximately 60% of full-year revenues typically generated in the first and fourth quarters. As a result, the margin performance of this segment has been generally higher in the first and fourth quarters as costs are typically incurred in a more linear fashion throughout the year. Unless otherwise noted, all revenue growth comparisons by customer segment in this news release are at constant currency (or exclude the impact of foreign currency) as Thomson Reuters believes this provides the best membership dues definition and meaning basis to measure their performance. Diluted EPS was $0.80 compared to $0.47 in the prior-year period primarily due to higher operating profit and lower income tax expense. While both periods included reductions in the value of the company’s investment in LSEG, net of gains on related foreign exchange contracts, the three-month period ended September 30, 2023, benefited from a lower net reduction in the value of the investment. Companies in our sample that used such shrink-to-grow strategies divested assets in one or two years but grew consistently during the other years.

Real World Example of Organic Sales

Suddenly, the soft drink company may find that its iced tea revenues are lower than expected, and it may end up reporting a massive loss from the acquisition. The company has provided an updated outlook for the purpose of presenting information about current expectations for the periods presented. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements which reflect expectations only as of the date of this news release. These and other risk factors are discussed in materials that Thomson Reuters from time-to-time files with, or furnishes to, the Canadian securities regulatory authorities and the U.S. Thomson Reuters annual and quarterly reports are also available in the “Investor Relations” section of tr.com. Other than EPS, the company reports its results in millions of U.S. dollars, but computes percentage changes and margins using whole dollars to be more precise.

The downsides to inorganic growth is the large upfront costs and management challenges with integrating acquisitions. Growth in organic sales is often described in terms of comparable sales or same-store-sales when referring to retail outlets. In other words, these sales occur naturally and not through the acquisition of another company or the opening of new stores. Some analysts consider organic sales to be a better indicator of company performance. A company may have positive sales growth due to acquisitions while same-store-sales growth may decline due to a decrease in foot traffic. Mergers and acquisitions account for approximately one-third of the revenue growth among companies in our data set.

  • Net cash provided by operating activities increased $143 million primarily due to the cash benefits from higher revenues and lower costs, as well as lower tax payments, and favorable movements in working capital.
  • When companies report earnings figures, they will often break out pieces of information to show the growth of internal sales and revenue.
  • CRM systems also allow businesses to identify which messaging strategies are effective at building relationships with customers or leads to increase conversions.
  • High scores indicate that the business is likely converting first-time buyers to repeat customers, growing brand loyalty and revenue without outside influence.

Later, the company spends $5 million to buy a competitor, along with its annual sales of $3.5 million. These additional sales are classified as inorganic growth, since they were purchased, rather than coming from internally-generated sales. This approach depends on internally-generated growth, rather than through acquisitions, and is a particularly viable option for a business that does not have sufficient cash to acquire other entities. However, this type of growth tends to be rather slow, especially when compared to the massive sales gains that can be achieved through an acquisition strategy.

We wondered whether programmatic acquirers outperform organic growers simply because they grow faster, so we extended the analysis to control for growth rates—in other words, comparing the performance of companies with different M&A strategies but similar growth rates. This suggests that even when companies that grow purely organically match the growth rates of their acquisitive peers, they are less likely to generate peer-beating shareholder returns (Exhibit 7). By incorporating new digital or paper-based tools into your marketing plan, you can expand your audience and more successfully attract the attention of your current target market. By doing this, you’re probably going to increase sales, which will raise your organic revenue.

The ten rules of growth

However, reliance on M&A for growth is easier said than done because of the difficulty to realize expected synergies, particularly revenue synergies. Casetext uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, which enable legal professionals to work more efficiently. See the “Non-IFRS Financial Measures” section below as well as the tables and footnotes appended to this news release for more information. Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships). Led by a former hedge fund PM (Maverick, Citadel, DE Shaw, Schonfeld), this program begins where financial modeling training ends — with a deep-dive into how buy-side analysts build financial models to make key investment decisions. Management possesses more control over the business model and can implement changes appropriately using their own judgment.

Companies should also incorporate SEO into their strategies by optimizing their website’s content for keyword searches related to their products or services. This will improve visibility in search engine results pages when potential customers search for related terms online. Companies must create meaningful connections with their target market through content creation, social media engagement, incentivizing referrals from existing customers, SEO optimization, and outreach to influencers within their industry for the best results. Achieving sales growth through an inorganic process would typically benefit a company that looks to expand into new market and needs access to that market, or wants to increase its presence in a competitive sector. For some companies, especially those operating in mature or maybe contracting areas of the market, the room for organic expansion may be very limited. However, inorganic growth could potentially impact organic sales if the acquisition process is not handled in a disciplined manner.

Growth Strategies for Organic Revenue

Offering subscription services for their goods or services, such as a magazine subscription, a recurring delivery of predetermined goods, or a recurring access fee for an online program or service, enables businesses to increase organic revenue. For instance, educational businesses provide subscription services to academic websites that provide students with enrichment activities. If you see a company with consistently strong organic growth, it’s generally a sign that the firm has a solid business plan and is executing it well. However, it is often hard for a company to achieve rapid overall growth through internal operations alone. It’s also difficult for companies to quickly respond to changes in market conditions and consumer preferences.

Since organic sales are those generated from internal processes, an organic growth strategy should focus on increasing brand awareness and market share, raising prices, improving sales productivity, and developing customer loyalty. Organic sales are a type of sales strategy focusing on the natural growth and development of a company’s market share. This typically involves using existing customer bases, marketing campaigns, and other promotional strategies to grow revenues incrementally over time.

Customer Helpdesk

The ability to concentrate on current operations and product offerings without having to divide attention with a potential or recently acquired company is a benefit of organic revenue. Company executives can pay close attention to important details, thoughtfully manage staff and systems, and quickly adapt to shifting market trends with this more focused approach. Leaders can also come up with new product ideas and long-term company goals thanks to this sharper focus.

Without it, foreign companies will probably struggle to compete with incumbents that better understand the local context. This reality may explain why companies that grow strongly at home benefit so much more from global expansion—they are more likely to have winning business models, aspects of which can be transferred to new regions. “Business is a race and growth is the fuel point” should be the new integrated metaphor of every organization.

The Challenge of Achieving Rapid Growth

Many of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions are beyond the company’s control and the effects of them can be difficult to predict. The price that Thomson Reuters will pay for common shares in open market transactions will be the market price at the time of purchase or such other price as may be permitted by the TSX. Any private agreement purchases made under an exemption order, if applicable, may be at a discount to the prevailing market price. Diluted EPS was $4.31 per share compared to $2.30 per share in the prior-year period, primarily due to higher operating profit and an increase in the value of the company’s investment in LSEG, net of changes in the value of related foreign exchange contracts. Within the portfolio companies – commercial leaders are actively reconfiguring, optimizing and upgrading their commercial models to unlock more growth from their markets, customers, channels and growth assets.

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